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Topdown Shooter

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This is a work in progress of a game I am making in Unity.

The idea was to create a brutal grungy space shooter, similar to the original DOOM, but to convert it to a modern topdown, twin-stick style game.

Working Story

Below are some working ideas for the story

Humans have begun to populate the galaxy, with settlements already in short range of Earth. However, more exploration and resources are needed.

You are part of a new mission, travelling in stasis ~1000 lightyears at near-lightspeed, to settle a remote region in space that shows interesting characteristics.

Upon arrival, you find an already established human colony that has been long abandoned/destroyed, however there are still signs of life, though hostile.

Discover what happened and fight your way out.

Change Log


  • Initial POC
  • Using assets
  • Keyboard and Mouse and Controller support
  • Single level
  • Use keys to open doors
  • Pickup weapons and ammo
  • Health pickups
  • Secret doors to find
  • 1 enemy type with pathfinding and player detection
  • Zero gravity area example
  • Destructible obstacles
Andrew McMahon
These are a few of my insignificant productions
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